How Male Contraception Can Get You Your Heart’s Desire?

How Male Contraception Can Get You Your Heart’s Desire?

Male contraception has been the focus of intense research in the recent past, with new development taking place in the medical world, every day. Contraception has often remained the topic of interest for many. Every day, new development is made and old research is updated. In the last couple of decades, research on male contraception has made a quantum leap, changing the concept of male contraception from a radical procedure to an easy, accessible, and economical alternative, with minimal side effects. Male contraception, a male condom, has been shown to prevent pregnancy for years. IUDs can last for 3 to 12 years but can be costly, depending on the type, and can last up to 10 years if the insertion site is changed periodically. The male condom is very accessible, lasts for a single sexual act, and works against most STDs. Although there are reported cases of breakage and non-use of condoms, they still have a safety record and prove that they do work effectively, as stated by many studies.

Here are some benefits of male contraception:

Reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases:

STD has been a concern, especially in our country. Every day, new reports are coming in about an increase in the rate of STDs. While many of these STDs can be avoided with precaution, it is still imperative to protect oneself. One way to avoid contracting an STD is to avoid pregnancy, as many diseases such as HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) have only been transmitted through sexual contact. HPV is found in 99.3% of all sexually active men and can be passed through ejaculation, with 3% of all men in the world found to be infected with the virus, yet more than 100 diseases are caused by it. The prevention of the infection is as simple as male contraception. Using condoms can help prevent the transmission of HPV to both the man and the woman.

Low maintenance – Male contraception:

Male contraception comes with the simplest and cheapest of all treatments for preventing pregnancy. It is mostly less expensive and safer than the other contraceptive methods, which may be as expensive as an IUD or male sterilization procedures, which are often performed by specialists and take up to two hours to be completed. The simple method is completely at home and eliminates the need to visit a clinic for contraception.

Saves on costs and time:

Male contraception offers its user a cheaper and faster alternative. Male contraception is cheap to make and there is no need for regular check-ups. Some doctors even offer the procedure on request. There are studies that show that even small doses of hormones injected into the testicles can prevent pregnancy. This is very similar to what a condom does to women. An IUD is a small rod, which is placed inside the uterus, keeping it from being able to become pregnant. Male condom contraception also is inexpensive and can be given to people who cannot afford other contraceptive methods.

No side effects:

Male contraceptive drugs are not only safer, but they are also less risky. Almost all forms of contraception can cause side effects, however, the most common side effects are irregular menstrual cycles and discomfort while taking the drug. Side effects of male contraceptive drugs are minimal and mostly considered to be negligible and are minimal or do not exist at all, with most of them that are reported to occur being pregnancy-related and depression. You can even take VigRX Plus, a herbal supplement, to support any loss of libido due to contraception.

Male contraception – Less Inaccurate:

It is not only better than condoms or IUDs, but it also helps with sexual intercourse by preventing pregnancy. This makes the method effective during sex. A man who wants to prevent pregnancy must make sure that the pill or the penis ring is being used on him. This means that the man must make sure that he puts it on every single time he wants to have sex so that it can work to its full potential.

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